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Games Of The Year So Far August 15, 2009

Posted by Matthew in Awards, Feature, Wii, Xbox 360.
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We are more than half way through the year now (I actually meant to post this a month ago) and it’s been a pretty good one for games so far with the Wii in particular having a surprisingly strong line-up. While this will probably be a little different at the end of the year, click below for  a list of my favourite games of the year so far (in no particular order)



I Come To Shanghai August 15, 2009

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If you’ve been a regular listener to any podcast starring freelance games journalist Robert Ashley (GFW Radio, A Life Well Wasted) then you are probably aware of his band – I Come To Shanghai – formed with his friend, Sam Frigard. Their debut album was released a few months back on their website as a free download, “name your price” download and a hard copy for $10 – the option I went for. I won’t pretend to be  a music buff or anything, all I’ll say is that their music is some pretty decent psychedelic pop/soft rock. My favourites out of the ten tracks are; “Pass the Time” with it’s simple yet hypnotic beat, the delicate piano melody in “I Watch You Sleep” and the muffled drums of “Salvation is the Country”. While perhaps too varied and disjointed at times, it’s a good album and worth checking out.

Vote Toejam & Earl August 14, 2009

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Long story short, go HERE and vote for Toejam & Earl. Sega have set up a poll to decide what game will be the next Sega Genesis Mega Drive released on XBLA. At the time of writing, shit, not-aged-well-at-all platformer Earthworm Jim is currently in the lead with a revolting 43% of the votes, and Toejam & Earl is second with 20%. You can read my thoughts on Earthworm Jim HERE.

Toejam & Earl on XBLA means much-needed quicksaves. The original game offered no ability to save over the twenty five-odd levels, and while quicksaves may make things far too easy of you are overly-cautious, they would be a welcome addition. Of course, online co-op is surely a dead-cert. The two-player co-op in the original was fantastic, a great game to play with a friend and just chill out to one of my favourite game soundtracks ever – funky bass and hip-hop beats.



Funky Word Cloud Thingy August 12, 2009

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This is quite funky. Wordle creates an image from text provided by you, and the end result can be fully customised – including the font, layout and colours. I found THIS, courtesy of NeoGAF, which provides a list of your most played artists in Last.fm, which you can then copy & paste into Wordle and produce something like mines seen above. Artists with higher play counts appear in a larger font, which is a nice touch. LOL @ Girls Aloud and IGN Staff being in there…