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Halo Wars Demo Impressions February 5, 2009

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I hadn’t really paid much attention to any previews or videos of this, mostly because I”m never usually interested in RTS games – Company of Heroes being the exception. I’m impressed as it’s a lot better than I expected. The control system is very basic and easy to get to grips with. You don’t have to click through menu after menu to select units/build bases etc. There are some nice touches with unit’s special powers such as the UNSC’s controlable orbital laserbeam o’ death. The graphics are pretty good, particularly the FMVs, although the framerate seems to suffer slightly when many units are on the screen. It has successfully nailed the whole Halo vibe, from the colour pallete to the music. I played throught the two tutorials and two of the missions, I got my arse kicked on the second one but I will give it another try later. I’ve not decided yet but this has gone from a game I’d let pass by to a potential purchase.


Another Test January 27, 2009

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Yeah just another one, this time with a photo!

Test January 25, 2009

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Test post using the iPhone app. That is all.