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E3: The Games I Can’t Wait For… June 10, 2009

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…but I’ll have to. Now that it’s over and I’ve had a good amount of time to digest all the information, I thought I’d write some stuff up about it. It was a hell of a lot better than last years underwhelming, down-sized event and was a return to the E3 of old. Rather than boring summaries of each conference, I’ll just talk about the games that I’m most interested in. Click below for the good stuff.



Halo Wars Demo Impressions February 5, 2009

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I hadn’t really paid much attention to any previews or videos of this, mostly because I”m never usually interested in RTS games – Company of Heroes being the exception. I’m impressed as it’s a lot better than I expected. The control system is very basic and easy to get to grips with. You don’t have to click through menu after menu to select units/build bases etc. There are some nice touches with unit’s special powers such as the UNSC’s controlable orbital laserbeam o’ death. The graphics are pretty good, particularly the FMVs, although the framerate seems to suffer slightly when many units are on the screen. It has successfully nailed the whole Halo vibe, from the colour pallete to the music. I played throught the two tutorials and two of the missions, I got my arse kicked on the second one but I will give it another try later. I’ve not decided yet but this has gone from a game I’d let pass by to a potential purchase.

Halo 3 – Cold Storage Map July 7, 2008

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The Cold Storage map is available for free from the Marketplace. Something to do with it being “Bungie Day” today. There are also free gamerpics and a theme to download. I’ve had a few games on the map itself and it is rather good. Perfect for slayer games with a small group of people. Here are some pics:

Halo 3 Cold Storage 1
Halo 3 Cold Storage 2
Halo 3 Cold Storage 3
Halo 3 Cold Storage 4
Halo 3 Cold Storage 5
Halo 3 Cold Storage 6

Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack April 17, 2008

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Available now from the Live Marketplace for 800 points. I’ve spent some time with them so far and here are my thoughts. First up is Blackout:

Its a remake of Lockout from Halo 2 and since I haven’t played that at all I don’t have any idea what has changed. There is a large open helipad in the middle, multiple levels with confined rooms and walkways – the highest level is a good sniping spot.

There is even a basketball hoop to throw grenades through if you get bored. It is probably the best looking level of the three. Next up is Avalanche:

Remake of Sidewinder from Halo. It’s basically two big open spaces with a small enclosed area in the middle. Getting around the level is easy due to the man-cannons dotted about the place and the selection of vehicles outside your base.

Not a bad level but due to its size it is best suited to games with large numbers of players, seems like it would be a laugh on Rocket Race too. Now the final map, Ghost Town:

A totally new map built from the ground up, it takes place in a ruined compound of sorts with lots of rubble inside and out to use as cover. Multiple levels in the open-top buildings and a lot of good sniping spots.

Seems like it would be a pretty good map for Shotty Snipers or Infection-type games, which I generally hate. So far I would probably have to say that Blackout is my favourite of the three. To finish, here is a nice picture of me on said level energy-swording some poor soul in the face, knocking them over the side and winning the game for my team with the final kill:

Halo 3 Maps April 14, 2008

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The new Legendary map pack is out tomorrow, here is an epic pic to celebrate: