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I’m a keen gamer on all platforms, even the PC but not the PSP. My blog is about videogames and stuff, basically. Consiting of features, opinions, reviews and some random guff. I write for Peoww and have recently started writing for Gamestyle. I can also be found on the GamerToss podcast which can be found in iTunes.

My Review Policy

I only review what is in front of me, I don’t care what console it’s on. If a game is absolute shit, I’ll say it is. Scores awarded are as follows.

1 – Absolute dogshit. do not buy.

2 – Terrible, almost Superman 64-levels of shitness.

3 – Avoid.

4 – Slightly better than Onechanbara: Bikini Samura Squad i.e. a bit rubbish.

5 – Average.

6 – Alright, worth  a rent.

7 – Good. What GTA IV deserved, really.

8 – Great.

9 – Brilliant.

10 – Ocarina of Time-levels of awesomeness.

Off the hook

Email: matthewfrancis AT hegotgames DOT com

That is all.



1. Bluce_Ree - February 4, 2009

Nice. WordPress is the future. Yes…


2. Video Planet - May 20, 2010

Nice. WordPress is the future. Yes…

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