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GTA IV First Impressions April 29, 2008

Posted by Matthew in GTA.
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Since I’ve managed to tear myself away to watch Manchester United v Barcelona, I thought I’d post my thoughts on the game so far.

  • The graphics are a lot better and character models a lot more detailed than the trailers showed;
  • Car physics are brilliant, each one handles differently to the next;
  • The Euphoria engine is a complete joy to watch in action, especially if you crash on a motorbike;
  • Targeting, while still a bit iffy, is better than previous games;
  • Classic GTA humour is better than ever, particularly the advertising boards and radio commercials;
  • Sheer sense of scale is astonishing;
  • Far too bloody dark in places!

I’ve yet to try out the multiplayer, will hopefully get some of that done tomorrow.


GTA IV Extended Commercial April 17, 2008

Posted by Matthew in GTA.
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Less than two weeks to go and for some strange reason I am nowhere near as excited about this game as I should be. The music used is Get Innocuous! by LCD Soundsystem from their Sound of Silver album, which is excellent by the way.