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STFUAJPGM June 27, 2009

Posted by Matthew in Chiptune, News.


I don’t know what the hell that acronym stands for, but this is interesting. Taken from the site, this is what it’s all about:

STFUAJPGM is a miniature mixtape and magazine with a focus on the freely distributed music within the chiptune community. We hope to explore an array of themes inspired by video game culture (and more) in each episode, by use of short articles, videos, pixel art, and of course: music.

Each episode is split into separate acts and has it’s own little story to read along with it. There have been two so far:

Episode 1: The Story of a Hero

What Makes a hero? What runs through your mind when you’ve take thousands of lives?

Episode 0 (The Pilot): A Love Story

What better way to start a mixtabe series than expore the story of an 8bit couple?


It’s fantastic and definitely worth a listen. You can keep up to date with the release of new episodes by following their Twitter HERE.



1. Cale - June 27, 2009

Shut the fuck up and just play the god-damn music 😉

2. Matthew - June 27, 2009


3. STFUAJPGM - July 1, 2009

Actually, Shut the fuck up and just play game music. Thanks for the mention!

4. Cale - July 7, 2009


5. Picture Of The Day… « He Got Games - November 2, 2009

[…] Episode #7 of STFUAJPGM is now available HERE. It’s a brilliant series of chiptune mixtapes, which I have mentioned previously, and this one contains the awesome remix of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band I mentioned […]

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