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Mother 3 Handbook May 7, 2009

Posted by Matthew in Collectables, GBA, Stuff.

Has a game series ever seen such a dedicated fan-base? As if a Mother 3 fan translation wasn’t enough, there is also a fan-made guide. Initial preorders came with a free keyring gift but unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough for that. Handbook I can’t remember how much it cost exactly, but it was around £20 including international delivery and took just over a week to get here from America.  The print quality is excellent and the book is presented as a travel guide. It’s filled with full colour illustrations and fan art, as well as photo’s of models of the game’s characters and enemies specifically made just for this book. The cover sleeve actually doubles as a poster showing off most of these models. Another nice touch is the personalised receipt which is a hand-drawn scene from the game. All in all it’s an extremely well put-together guide that puts most official efforts to shame. The actual game ain’t half bad either. I’ve gone all trendy and created a Flickr account and you can see a few more pictures of this lovely book here.



1. Adam - May 8, 2009

Everything I know about the series is taken from SSB Trophy descriptions. Would love to play it, if it wasn’t a frakking JRPG.

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