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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly March 29, 2009

Posted by Matthew in Feature, Good Bad & Ugly.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

A new weekly feature where I pick three pieces of news from the past week. You can probably guess the rest. GDC happened this week so it’s all about that:

The Good – Iwata’s GDC Keynote

An interesting keynote by Satoru Iwata, but that wasn’t the best part. After two-and-a-half years, Nintendo finally address a problem that shouldn’t have existed in the first place – the storage space of the Wii. The newest system update now allows Virtual Console and WiiWare games to be played from an SD card using some swanky memory cache technique, or something like that. the Wii can now accept SD cards up to 32GB, a far cry from the paltry 512MB internal flash memory provided. No more cleaning out that fridge.

The Bad – Not Knowing Your Audience


Host of Gametrailers TV Geoff Keighley’s day-long cocktease on his Twitter of a “big surprise” to be revealed at GDC which turned out to be… a Modern Warfare 2 teaser trailer. Cue a shitstorm over at NeoGAF. The game was officially announced last year, as if you actually needed to officially announce the inevitable. The trailer was more pretentious than your average teaser but after closer analysis it shows a few hints on what the final game will hold, hopefully a complete overhaul in gameplay from the previous one since infinitely respawning enemies with zero AI have no place in 2009.

The Ugly – OnLive


Almost universal acceptance from the gaming media that this is officially the gaming equivalent of the second coming of Christ. I remain skeptical though. Basically, OnLive is video-on-demand but with computer games instead of Tv programmes/movies. The game is run on a remote server and streamed via the Internet to your computer, or TV if you use the set-top box. This means that those with low end PCs will be able to play games like Crysis at settings far beyond what their PC’s capabilities. The image quality depends on the speed of the connection, the faster the speed the higher the definition. While initially this does seem like a great idea, there are so many reasons why I’m skeptical. First of all, if this service makes it over here to the UK, the online infrastructure is so far behind that of the US and this will result in the quality of gameplay varying greatly. Then you have to factor in things like input lag, problems with latency etc. Also, when a AAA game is released on this service and thousands of people wanting to play it at the same time, will the servers be powerful enough to cope?



1. Adam - March 30, 2009

Who needs AI when you can direct grenades with The Force?

2. Jason - March 31, 2009

The Wii now supports SD HC (high capacity) cards, does it link the games to your console?

3. Matthew - March 31, 2009

Since this is Nintendo, I’d imagine so.

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