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Let It Snow February 9, 2009

Posted by Matthew in Feature.

Given the current weather conditions up and down the UK, it got me thinking about snow levels in games. Oh, and by “up and down the country” I mean literally everywhere but here since we’ve had almost bugger all snow. Anyways, click on for the eleven snowy levels that sprung to mind.

Super Mario 64 – Snowman’s Land

Snowman's Land

To be honest I can’t remember much of this level other than the massive, sligthly disturbing snowman with a vacant look on its face who tries to blow you off (ahem) a ledge on the way to a power star. Much better than the other snowy level where you have to race those  irritating penguins.

1080 Snowboarding – All of it

1080 Snowboarding

Still the best snowboarding game I’ve played, and it’s also available on the virtual console. It really captured the sense of speed you get while tearing through the pretty expansive levels. The snow made a nice crunching sound too and, at the time, I thought it was amazing that the boarders clothes flapped in the wind.

Call of Duty 2 – Stalingrad

Call of Duty 2

The best campaign in the best Call of Duty game. Fighting through snow-filled, destroyed buildings in Stalingrad while demolishing buildings, tracking down snipers and fighting off waves of Nazis pressing on your position was fantastic. I even enjoyed playing through it on Veteran difficulty – which usually renders the game unplayable due to the enemy AI, or lack thereof.

Fahrenheit – The outside snowy bits

Farenheit a.k.a. Indigo Prophecy

I’ve still to finish this game, stopped playing it after a horrific QTE sequence that lasted for about five minutes and involced being attacked by furniture. The snowstorm makes it all nice and atmospheric though. I need to get back into this soon.

Lost Planet – Mission 3: Crossing the Plains

Lost Planet

Snow all over the place in this one, but my favourite section is the third mission where you have to traverse a snowy field patrolled by a big fuck-off wormy thing. Achievement unlocked for killing it but I couldn’t be arsed with that.

Halo 3 – Avalanche multiplayer map


Possibly my favourite multiplayer map in the whole game. Lone players stick out like a sore thumb due to the snow but this level is all about vehicular combat. I can never remember all the daft names for the vehicles but the flying ones on this level offer some great aerial dogfight potential.

Mass Effect – Noveria


Shit screenshot but the best I could find. Noveria was arguably the mest main-mission quest in the entire game. Touching down on a blizzard-ravaged planet, you are tasked with investigating the shady goings on at a research facility. This whole scenario has a nice Aliens vibe to it due to the presence of the Rachni creatures inhabiting the facility and leads up to an interesting confrontation with the Rachni Queen.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Snowpeak Mountain

Snow Peak Mountain

Snowboard racing with Yetis? Yes please. After learning that a mysterious creature has been stealing fish from the frozen Zora’s Domain, Link tracks down the Yeti culprit who ends up challenging the Hero of Time to a race which culminates in the discovery of Snowpeak Ruins – the game’s fifth dungeon inhabited by snow and ice-based enemies.

World of Warcraft – Northrend


Not a level, but an entire ice continent in northern Azeroth and home to the Lich King. It’s home to probably the most impressive art design and best areas in the whole game. Despite owning Wrath of the Lich King for three months, I’m still questing in the two starting areas and have only gone up one level in that time. LOL @ me.

Metal Gear Solid 4 – Shadow Moses

Shadow Moses

As impressive as it was in the original MGS, the return to Shadow Moses in MGS4 is one of the visual highlights of the game thanks to the incredible Power of Blu-Ray©.  You are thrown right in the thick of it as you try to evade Metal Gear Gekko units on your approach to the base, while your vision is obscured by a fierce blizzard. Everything is as you left it all those years ago, even the damaged Metal Gear Rex…

Metroid Prime – Phenandra Drifts

Phenandra Drifts

When it comes to snow levels, this is the daddy of them all. Mostly due to how well THAT piece of music fits with the visuals. I’ve already talked about it previously here. I can’t wait to play through this section again, and the whole game, in the Wii re-release with Corruption’s controls.



1. Adam - February 9, 2009

“Much better than the other snowy level where you have to race those irritating Dave Perry.” More like.

ps You can actually kill that worm thing, but it respawns instantly ffs.

pss Freezeezy Peak?

2. Bluce_Ree - February 11, 2009

The snowy/icey level was a curse upon 16-bit gamers. Every fucking platform game had one. Nice shout for COD2.

My fave snow-o-game is Coolboarders 2. Snowboarding but with good controls? Yes, it’s possible.

3. Matthew - February 12, 2009

Crap, just realised I forgot the Battle of Hoth from the Rogue Squadron games.

4. Adam - February 14, 2009

There’s also this Midwinter on the Amiga.

And how could you forget: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhzwL18q38o

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