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Representin’ EGM January 22, 2009

Posted by Matthew in Podcast, Stuff.

Bought this tracksuit top from eBay a while back, I’ve got to wear it more often now. Very disappointed at the closure of EGM and the lay-offs of 30-or-so staff. While I never visited the actual website much, I was a keen listener of their podcast output – particularly 1UP Yours which was by far the best gaming podcast around. Luckily however, many former employees have banded together and created a few tasty new sites:

eat. sleep. game. where you can find the spiritual successor to 1UP FM.

The Geekbox from Ryan Scott and more GFW Radi than LAN Party ever was.

Area 5 by ex-1UP Show & GameVideos staff and their new show, CO-OP, which is the 1UP Show in all but name and classic theme tune.

Low and behold the final 1UP Yours podcast is released just as I post this. Awesome.



1. Adam - January 23, 2009

The magazine wasn’t all that and was no doubt past it’s heyday like GamesTM.

As much as we hate to admit it, we should be proud that Edge is still around.

2. Matthew - January 23, 2009

Absolutely not.

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