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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – Demo Impressions August 23, 2008

Posted by Matthew in Demo.

The Force UnleashedThe demo takes place in a Imperial shipyard which Darth Vader orders you to infiltrate in order to kill a Jedi, along with any Rebels and Imperials you may encounter. There is a tutorial available before you play the demo mission but since there are on-screen hints telling you the controls it is not exactly mandatory. Click the jump for my summary of the demo.

The level’s interior is familiar if you have seen a Star Wars film before, with the usual droids wandering around, minding their own business. If (like me) you fancy being a little sadistic then you can play around with them using your force powers. Three main force powers are available; push, grip and lightning. After a few corridor sections you are required to blast open the locked door with force push, which is the first time you get to see the games impressive physics in action as the door bends and is thrown open.

Through the door is a hangar with a crashed Imperial Shuttle. You walk in on a battle between some Rebels and Stromtroopers which I quickly dealt with using the various crates and debris scattered around me. The main door out of this hangar is opened using your force grip to slide the horizontal and vertical locks into place. After a few more corridor sections the area opens up into some sort of TIE Fighter docking station. There are metal beams that can be bent outwards, blowing up any TIEs that fly past. After battling more Stormtroopers and Rebels here it leads on to a boss fight with an AT-ST. The objective here is to wear down its health enough using a combination of your lightsaber, force powers and whatever loose objects are at your disposal. Once you have dealt enough damage you then activate your finishing move via a quick-time event which results in the AT-ST being sliced vertically in half and here ends the demo with a little teaser trailer for the main game.

Most Star Wars tie-ins are hit-and-miss but I’ve had high hopes for this one ever since I witnessed the first trailer, and I’m a massive Star Wars fan. The combat in this can be described as “Jedi Knight-lite”. Since, unlike Jedi Knight, this is aimed solely at the console market combat has been toned down so it is a basic hack& slash. But its a Star Wars game so things aren’t that simple. With upgradable force powers and the amount of combat options these abilities give you, combat wont get boring too quickly. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is out on September 19th for everything apart from the PC and is definitely a day one purchase for me.



1. tony - November 8, 2008

The demo has a small level, and a quick force grip trainer. The game is very good and very addicting. THe graphics look great the controls are easy to handle and very diverse. There are many different types of force moves and lightsaber attacks all of which are easily done with a few button taps. Targeting objects to pick up and throw is simple and A LOT of FUN!! I found myself not even using my lightsaber much but just picking up something and throwing it at a group of stromtroopers, or just picking said storm troopers up and slamming them into a wall.

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