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Rhythm Tengoku: Old vs New August 13, 2008

Posted by Matthew in DS.

Rhythm TengokuI was only made aware of the original Rhythm Tengoku (translates as Rhythm Heaven or Rhythm Paradise) on the GBA somewhat recently from a friend while discussing the recent release of Rhythm Tengoku Gold on the DS. I managed to track down a copy of the original on eBay for a decent price, as well as the DS game. First of all, these are two of the best rhythm-action games you will ever play. They are both made by the same team as the Wario Ware series so if you are a fan of them you know what to expect. Click the jump for more.

For those of you who have never played them before, they consist of minigame stages where you have to press a button in time with the music. After five of these stages (four in Rhythm Tengoku Gold) you then have the remix, which is basically a “boss” stage and consists of a song made up of the previous set of minigame stages.

When comparing the two versions I’d have to say overall I prefer the original GBA version over the DS version. Mostly due to the diversity of the minigames and the control method. In the DS version the stylus is used to tap the screen in time with the beat. Sometimes you are required to hold it on the screen and swipe which works fine 99% of the time but that other 1% can mean the difference between passing and failing the stage. The quality of music in both games is pretty much excellent and is hard to separate and wearing headphones is highly recommended to make the most of it.

Unlike the original game which unfortunately never saw a western release, Rhythm Tengoku Gold is being released as Rhythm Heaven in the west but the date remains unannounced. However, since these games are based on music the language barrier shouldn’t cause too much of a problem so if you are a fan of this type of game there really is no reason not to snap them up.



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