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Okami Mini-review August 1, 2008

Posted by Matthew in Review, Wii.

Okami WiiEver since it was released on the PS2 last year Okami has been screaming out for a Wii version. The Wii remote seemed a perfect fit for the brush controls. Thankfully Capcom bowed to fan pressure.
Obviously the first thing that must be mentioned is the game’s unique visual style brought about by the striking cel-shaded graphics. It is like a living water-colour painting at times. It’s certainly up there with Wind Waker as one of the prettiest games of all time.
Like the graphics, many other influences comparisons with the Legend of Zelda can be seen within the gameplay – especially with the puzzle elements, side-quests and adventure-style of play. Using the Wii Remote to rejuvenate parts of the world with the celestial brush certainly feels more natural than using a normal controller. I really like the way it is used in combat where the game pauses and you draw lines to attack enemies. Other things such as drawing a sun to make flowers bloom and drawing in a bridge to cross a body of water are very satisfying.
I also really warmed to the characters and character design. The way it uses various Japanese myths throughout the story also helps the game stand out from the crowd. I ended up purchasing the art book.
The soundtrack fits perfectly with the game; the traditional Japanese-style music complements the brush-painting graphical style.
If you missed out on this game first time round with the PS2 release or are a massive Zelda fan looking for something similar then this is highly recommended. With the generic “bald space marine” games trend that seems to be doing the rounds right now Okami is a refreshing and welcome change.


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