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Dead Rising Wii-bound July 16, 2008

Posted by Matthew in News, Xbox 360.

Dead RisingIn a somewhat surprising move Capcom have announced a Wii port of Dead Rising. Famitsu scans can be seen at Wii @ Everyday. Some translated info:

  • RE4 Wii sold well so Capcom is porting DR
  • As much as possible Capcom will match the 360 look
  • Is taking into mind casual gamers’ needs
  • Playable w/ Wiimote and nunchuck. There are waggle attacks similar to RE4 Wii
  • Says they changed the camera to the RE4 behind the back view
  • Also, new boss confirmed and some weapon changes
  • Doesn’t sound like they can announce all the new stuff just yet

RE4-style Dead Rising sounds good to me.



1. Adam - July 19, 2008

They could make a thousand times more casual by simple adding a workable save function. The R4 camera seems odd because it’s not a shooter.

A port of DMC4 would be phenomenal.

2. Mafro - July 20, 2008

They have apparently changed the structure a bit. Instead of getting calls from Otis, objectives are treated as missions and sub-missions.

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