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MGS4 PS3 Bundle Coming To Europe May 6, 2008

Posted by Matthew in MGS4, P$3.

Gunmetal PS3
Looks lovely doesn’t it? Gunmetal grey PS3 with Dual Shock 3 controller and a copy of MGS4, already announced for Japan and the US. Except that is not the one us neglected Europeans are getting. Oh no, we are (probably) getting stuck with a bog standard and under-featured 40GB PS3 with the rumble-less SIXAXXXSISXXXXIS controller (what away to get rid of whats left of them). Here are some selected gems from the announcement:

“Solid Snake, the hero of the Metal Gear Solid® (MGS) franchise, is, this summer, being bundled with PLAYSTATION®3 and a SIXAXIS controller offering millions of PS3 and MGS fans around the world the ultimate gaming combo.”

“Available from June 12 and priced at 439,99 Euros this offer is one of the most exciting bundles to date – bringing two great servants of the games industry together for the conclusion of what has been one hell of a ride!”

Sony Europe shows it’s love for us once again.



1. Adam - May 20, 2008

I you ever read this post, you might want to check this out…


2. Mafro - May 20, 2008

No DualShock 3 + No BC + 40GB = no sale.

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