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GTA 4 Irritations May 4, 2008

Posted by Matthew in GTA, Rant.

Rose-Tinted Specs

So I’ve spent a lot of time with GTA 4 (over 22 hours) and I can’t help but think that all those PERFECT SCORES it has received from over-excited reviewers are a bit off the mark. There are so many things in it that annoy me, off the top of my head:

  • The start up screen seems to go on for ever.
  • Trees look like dirty, used toilet paper.
  • Shooting while driving is clunky and awkward.
  • Clothing system hasn’t changed since Vice City.
  • Spawn points in multiplayer are truly awful, especially in Cops & Crooks.
  • Walking up stairs takes for ever.
  • Niko has the turning circle of a large oil tanker and appears to be riding a unicycle when he does so.
  • Sunglasses seem to randomly vanish after cutscenes.
  • Longer missions need checkpoints so badly its not even funny.
  • Camera shits itself when you try to target an enemy standing next to you.
  • The game doesn’t pause when you press the home button to bring up the Xbox Guide – lazy.
  • No way of manually saving without time advancing 6 hours
  • Glitchy and somewhat bug-ridden.
  • At night time it is FAR TOO DARK.
  • Police ignore you when you crash into them, but if you drive through a toll booth without paying, they hunt your ass down.
  • The aiming system is still awful. Crackdown’s system pisses all over it.
  • Melee combat is pretty dire.
  • Tapping “A” to run? That’s what analogue sticks are for. Waste of a button that could be used for something else.
  • Cover system is straight from 1998. Takes roughly 5 minutes to come out of cover and shoot.
  • Scripted car chases. Seriously, 3 games in (5 if you count the PSP spin-offs) and we are still doing that?
  • “Follow this person, but don’t get too close or too far away” missions. See above.
  • The whole friends system. If I wanted that I’d go and play the Sims, thanks.
  • Disappointing soundtrack. I can count on one hand the amount of songs I like. Why did they remove custom soundtracks?
  • A.I. is still as dodgy as ever.
  • Inability to run while talking on the phone. It’s like Dead Rising all over again.

Despite all that, I still love it, I think it deserves a 9 at best. It is still a fantastic game but by no means perfect and I still prefer San Andreas.



1. PedanticJase - May 4, 2008

Maf says – The game doesn’t pause when you press the home button to bring up the Xbox Guide

Jase says – in the context of a cut screen i like that it does this i dont need to see whats going on, i’d much rather have a quick check to see whats happening in xbl

Maf says – Sunglasses seem to randomly vanish after cutscenes.

Jase says – Yeah that was pretty fucking annoying (also was there only one place to get sunglasses?)

Maf Says – Shooting while driving is clunky and awkward.

Jase Says – if your a passenger you can hold left trigger to pop your man out the side but if your driving your fucked

Maf says – Scripted car chases

Jase Says – i only take issue with the chases where you cant kill the guy till a certain point one of the ones on bikes is like that i was drilling the guy for ages and no dice

2. Mafro - May 4, 2008

Yeah I hated emptying one million clips into someone I was chasing, only to find out the whole bit was scripted.

3. cole - February 14, 2009

amen brother!, needs f**king checkpoints to the point where i just want to break the damn game!!!!!!!! I hate repeating the long drives just because a random guy gets in my way and i fly a million feet off my bike and the target gets away

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